Foro Turgenstein


Foro’s parents died when he was young. The young orphan was raised by a grouchy mechanic, on a crack in the society of an otherwise prosperous forge world. He spent his days surrounded by hardware and software, with most of his friends, (ok, all) being the complex programs he lived with. Foro developed a love for learning and knowledge, and began experiment with new forms of technology.

It was during his attempts to create a complex servitor that Foro set a fire, resulting in the death of his guardian. Horrified, and terrified that he would be taken from the only home and companions he’d known, Foro forged his guardian’s body into a servitor, the most lifelike envisioning of one for miles. The servitor sat behind the desk saying token phrases, while Foro ran the shop

The ruse worked until his 14th year. A passing noble of the mechanicus came by ammassing supplies for a space voyage, and saw the shop keep for what it was. He confronted Foro. Using the threat of exposure and execution as leverage, the noble, Claudious Avilia conscripted Foro into service as a mechanic on his vessel, the Clostrius.

Foro’s ten years on the Clostrius were years of back breaking work and costant danger— both of exposure, and death by the horrors of space. The only solace was the opportunity to explore the galaxy, something Foro had always yearned for. However, his exploration was always at a distance, always forced to look down at vast planet surfaces from the window of the engine room.

His escape came in the form of the tryanids. A scouting vessel overcame the Clostrius, and boarded. The crew, everyone Foro had lived with the past decade, were slaughtered. Foro only survived by crawling into the outer chamber of an engine, using the furnace to mask his heat signature. After weeks in space a scavenging vessel picked him up. Foro rejoined the mecanicus, using a fake seal to tell the story that Claudius had make a great discovery, and had sent Foro back as his representative to get supplies.

After a year training amongst the Mechanicus, Foro left, eager to “Aid Claudius” (explore the galaxy and find some computer babes yeaaah). He found a spot on an outgoing vessel: the curious “Ardent Sentinel”, with a curiouser crew.

Foro Turgenstein

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