Konrad van Volkvonvan

The Proud Captain of the Ardent Sentinel


Konrad is a fairly tall, well built man who appears to be in his mid 40’s though he is much older. He is well known by his acquaintances for his charming personality, keen intellect, and pride. His enemies know Konrad will stop at nothing to eradicate them so they lay in wait constantly plotting his downfall lest they face their own. To his crew, he is respected for his devotion to the Emperor, his ability to strike a deal, and his strong convictions but they fear his fiery temper and sometimes question his overtly cautious behavior. Further, it is a well known fact that Konrad is a devout man and will suffer no heresy or xeno influence on his ship, a disappointment to many of the more curious crew members. As Konrad puts it, all aliens are enemies of mankind and they are to be slaughtered or used until they are no longer of service.


Formerly a Count, Rogue Trader Konrad van Volkvonvan is heir to a long and storied dynasty renown for their supreme loyalty to the Imperium and bravery during the siege of Holy Terra. Unfortunately for Konrad, the Volkvonvan dynasty has hit hard times and after years of mismanagement and the recent debauchery of his cousin Hans van Volkvonvan, the former rogue trader, there is little left of its former glory. Konrad, despite his noble upbringing, had a relatively hard life for a noble as he was the target of multiple assassination attempts and many of his former comrades have been killed by the machinations of rival dynasties leading to the development of Konrad’s hatred of his rivals and a deep seated paranoia. After surviving for many years Konrad realized that his cousin would soon totally destroy what was left of Vonvolkvan’s reputation and that he could no longer stay loyal to him. Thus he organized a mutiny with The Ardent Sentinel’s crew that disposed of his cousin and put him in charge. Now in command, Konrad focuses his efforts to re-establish the dominance his dynasty once held, reforge old alliances, and to crush the many enemies both internal and external that face both him and the Imperium of Man no matter the cost.

Konrad van Volkvonvan

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