Torque Stiehr


Is a fair skinned, muscular man standing 6’2". His face is criss-crossed with old war scars and he has the distinctive purple eyes of Cadia.


Torque was born in Kasr Kraf on Cadia, and as is the Cadian way he was raised from birth to be a soldier. Even among his peers in the White Shields however, Torque stood out and earned himself a place in the vaunted Kasrkin. He served in the Kasrkin in many successful campaigns over a decade of service until the the Siege of Zerma, that saw the Cadian 189th and Cadian 411th wiped out to the man, along with their accompanying Kasrkin units.

Torque found himself the sole survivor of Imperial forces in the region, and from enemy troops he had evaded or neutralized, learned that the Imperials were abandoning the planet. Torque was ready to meet his end as he trekked towards Imperial lines before a chance encounter brought him to Volkvonvan. The Rogue Trader got him off the planet only a short time before the Imperium subjected the traitorous world to the Ultimate Sanction. Torque, having lost his unit and supporting command structure, decided then his best course of action would be to take up a job with the Rogue Trader.

Torque Stiehr

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