Victris Tallaren

Death in service to the Emperor is its own reward. Life in failure to Him is its own condemnation. - Epistles (Verse 93)


Standing at 6’0 and weighing 190 pounds, Victris is a fit man, fit in body to better serve the emperor and fit in mind to better be with the emperor.
He has dirty blonde hair with amber eyes – eyes that were filled with a purpose from his earliest days
His chest and back are covered with harsh, sickly looking scars


The Imperial World of Fisca is largely non-descript with several massive cities that are smaller than hives, expansive fields that fail to even compare to an agri-world, and enough raw material to mine but not so much to excite anyone. Fisca however does have something that most other planets do not, the tomb of an imperial saint, Constance and it was at this Cathedral that Victris was raised. The sons of scribes working in the temple archives Victris was raised amongst scrolls and ink rather than incense and prayer but looking into the mirror and seeing eyes like those that Constance was said to have and looking into the ceremonies that took place just down the hall, Victris knew he had a calling and that the Emperor would accept nothing less than his taking on vestments and spreading the word of the saviour of humanity.

The most notable event of his early traveling days was when he was working as the apprentice of Missionary Arvictis on a ship equipped with filters so that the warp might be viewed, with the blessing of his master, Victris would gaze upon the domain of the enemy, fighting the discomfort of the most blasphemous of domains and building a faith to survive any onslaught and just days before leaving the warp on his final voyage, that faith was tested. The Gellar field flickered and a monstrous beast appeared, ready to devour. Tervis fought for his life for the first time, never had he been more afraid and his faith tested and when that faith was about break (along with his body) he found a new light within himself, a new purpose in servitude to the emperor, and indeed the resolve to continue fighting the warp beast. The resolve Victris discovered caused him to be rewarded, few blessed souls witness the adeptus astartes and even fewer even know that the Legion of the Damned are more than a mere legend and so it was that one of the symbols of the emperor’s disdain appeared before Victris and slew the beast before disappearing again into the nether.

It was not long after that Victris met Konrad while admiring the same relic in a cathedral and the two men joined together to bring the emperor’s name to new heights of glory.

Victris Tallaren

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