The van Volkvonvan Dynasty

Episode 1: A New Leader...

The Adventure Begins

The year is 493 M41. The Von Volkvonvan dynasty of rogue traders, one of the oldest and most famous in the entire Imperium, is under new management. After millennia of mismanagement, the dynasty fell into destitution. Konrad Von Volkvonvan has deposed his cousin Hans as captain of the Ardent Sentinel (the dynasty flagship), purged the crew of his supporters, and declared his intent to bring his family to glory yet again.

After replenishing his crew and resources, Konrad set about restoring the family contacts that his cousin had lost in his incompetence. This led him to meet with an Ecclesiarch by the name of Giorgio Scipio on the planet of Cyprus Mundi. Scipio agreed to patch ties with the Von Volkvonvan Dynasty, but only if Konrad could prove himself and his crew competent by escorting a barge of crusaders to a world owned by the Ecclesiarchy. However, almost immediately after accepting, an Inquisitor named Heinrich Kasparov barged through the doors and interrupted their meeting. Kasparov seemed quite angry at the failure of a venture that he had conducted with the ecclesiarch, and needed someone to clean up the mess on a planet called Antaria. Konrad gladly volunteered himself and his crew for the task, which the Inquisitor accepted begrudgingly.

While in the warp on their way to their destination, Konrad met with a priest named Jonah Karjala of the Emperor's Blades, a fanatical death cult living in the bowels of the Ardent Sentinel. Jonah expressed interest in Konrad becoming leader of the Emperor's Blades, given his most zealous disposition and how swiftly he disposed of his cousin and his supporters. Konrad agreed, and underwent the ritual combat that was expected of him according to their customs. Having vanquished the champion of the cult, Konrad was declared the leader of the Emperor's Blades. Jonah then agreed to serve on the bridge of the Ardent Sentinel as a liaison for the cult, and the journey to Antaria continues…


Ooo Konrad is sooo dreamy,…. that mustachio ….

Episode 1: A New Leader...

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