The Ardent Sentinel

The Ardent Sentinel is and Ambition Class Cruiser, and the flagship of the Van Volkvonvan dynasty. It took part in the defense of Holy Terra during the Horus Heresy long ago. The Van Volkvonvan dynasty is said to have aided primarch Rogal Dorn in his efforts, and thus were awarded the ship as well as the warrant of trade. General quarters is only active during active combat situations or planetary invasions. The crew operate in 12 hour shifts, and 12 hour leisure periods. Normally, an hour is used in the mornings for showers, dressing, and breakfast. Three hours for leisure time after their shift, and then eight hours of sleep. Alcohol is rationed strictly on the ship, with each member of the crew being allotted one standard drink per week. Additionally, each crew member is expected to have the God Emperor on his mind at all moments of the day, and is expected to spend ten minutes each day in devout prayer to the God Emperor. Also, each crew member is expected to travel and visit to the Temple Shrine at least once every six months, to show their devotion. These rules are enforced by armsmen on the Ardent Sentinel, and are expected to be followed to the letter.

The cathedral is always open for prayer, though the Chief Confessor is available for twelve hours out of the day. He is available for the last six hours of the first shift, and the first six hours of the second shift. Some of the far off crewmen have a hard time attending mass, though they need only make a pilgrimage twice a year.

Crew travel is severely restricted, and while crew are allowed to mingle with crew members from other areas of the ship in their downtime, they aren't allowed to travel to any area of the ship deemed vital to functionality other than their place of work and the cathedral.

The ship itself has a rebellious attitude, and sometimes components will become unpowered without explanation. However, it also seems to shrug off hits that would otherwise severely damage the ship.

Speed 5
Detection +20
Armour 17
Maneuverability +9
Hull Integrity 66
Turret Rating 2
Space 75/5
Power 75/11
Crew Size 92/92
Morale: 100
Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive
Sterlov 2 Warp Engine
Warpsbane Hull: Any navigation to pilot the ship bonus of 10, roll twice on the warp encounter table.
Multiple Void Shield Array: 2 Void Shields
Teleportarium: Can make hit and run attacks without taking a piloting test. +20 to command test when making a hit and run
Ship Master's Bridge: +5 to piloting and navigation tests by crew on the bridge. +10 to ballistic skill tests to fire shipboard weapons.
Clemency Pattern Life Sustainer: Increases morale permanently by 1. Reduces crew population and morale losses due to depressurization by 4, to a minimum of 0.
Voidsman Quarters
M 201.b Augur Array: +5 detection
Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay: -3 Maneuverability
Temple Shrine to the God Emperor: Increases morale permanently by 3
Barracks: +20 to command tests involving boarding actions and Hit and Run actions when transporting troops
Prow Weapon: Titanforge Lance Battery
Power 13, Space 6, SP 2, Strength 2, Damage 1d10+4, Crit Rating 3, Range 6
Stygies Pattern Macrocannon Battery
Power 4, Space 3, SP 1, Strength 3, Damage 1d10+2, Crit rating 5, range 5
Mars Pattern Marcrocannon Broadside
Power 4, Space 5, SP 1, Strength 6, Damage 1d10+2, Crit rating 5, Range 6

The Ardent Sentinel

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